Why Paul Hollywood’s Fellow Judge Calls Him An ‘Absolute Genius’

Paul Hollywood is to the Baking Show what Simon Cowell was to American Idol. The icy glares. The brutally honest critiques. It’s not for the faint of heart.

While Paul may come across as a heartless judge on both the Great British Baking Show and recent seasons of the Great American Baking Show, you will most likely find that he is very much loved by the cast and crew of both shows.

Prue Leith, who took over judging duties when Mary Berry exited the show after seven seasons, has nothing but praise for Hollywood. In a recent interview, Leith went so far as to call the silver-haired male judge “an absolute genius.”

“He helped me find my feet and I have learned such a lot from him. He is an absolute genius when he sums up the judging with few words. It’s straight to camera, no ‘Erms’ or ‘Ahhs’, he is succinct,” Leith told The Sun. “Whereas I go round the houses with lots of words, so I have tried to pick up on his critique and absorb it. I am not as good as him, but I think I am getting there.”

Leith and Hollywood have only worked together for two seasons, but they quickly hit it off.

“We are so settled into our roles. Paul and I have a really good relationship. I followed his lead but now it’s very even-handed,” Leith revealed. “He has been absolutely sweet and so professional to work with.”

If you’re lucky enough to live in the UK and don’t have to wait for Baking Show re-runs, the new season featuring Prue and Paul kicks off next week! If you live in the U.S., keep your eyes on YouTube for full episodes of The Great British Bake Off. Some sneaky users upload full episodes after they air in the U.K., but they are often pulled down after a few days. So, you have to be quick!

Check out the adorable trailer for the new Great British Bake Off below.

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