‘The Great British Baking Show’ Board Game, A Must-Have For The GBBO Obsessed

Do you have what it takes to make cakes, bread, biscuits and pastries? You may never have the opportunity to find out in the tent, but you can see what you’re made of with a new game based on The Great British Baking Show.

I stumbled across the game on Amazon while browsing cookbooks and was instantly intrigued. Since my chances of ever competing on the show are slim to none and I’ve watched and rewatched every season at least a dozen times, the next logical step seems to be forcing my family and friends into game nights playing the Great British Baking Show board game.

Photo via Ravensburger

According to the product listing, players race to create a perfect bake and earn the title of star baker.

“Crafted by an experienced games team who loves The Great British Baking Show, this game includes fun details like soggy bottoms, Hollywood handshakes, and the occasional baking pun,” the ad reads.

The game is only for 2-4 players…which could be an issue if your game nights usually consist of a crowd like ours do. Maybe teams could be a thing? But, its sure to be a great gift for the GBBO fans in your life.

Photo via Ravensburger

Check out the game HERE. You’ll notice that shipping isn’t fast on this particular product. Likely because it ships from the UK. But, if you order it now you’ll have it well before Christmas!

Get a sneak peek of how to play The Great British Baking Show Game in the video below.

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