Beloved Culinary Producer Of “The Great British Baking Show” Has Died

Chloe Avery, longtime culinary producer for Love Productions, the production company behind The Great British Bake Off, passed away August 22, 2022, after a valiant battle with cancer.

Her brother, Henry, shared the news to Avery’s Facebook page saying:

“My name is Henry, I am Chloe’s brother and I’m writing this because Chloë can’t. On Monday the 22nd of August at 23:15 Chloë passed away after a tireless battle against Cancer that started back in December last year, our Mum and Dad and I were with her in our family home in Cornwall.”

Henry wrote that Chloe was first diagnosed with an unspecified cancer in December and was told she only had 2 weeks to live and wasn’t well enough to receive treatment. She started chemotherapy the following day, but “a few weeks ago the cancer got too clever for the treatments available to Chloe.”

“Throughout this, Chloë remained adamant that she would get better and put this all behind her. There will be so many of you reading this now that won’t have even known she was unwell, but that was how she wanted it to be. Chloë wanted to reappear after this, healthy and strong with her baby boy and simply say when asked that ‘2022 had been a tough year,” Henry wrote.

Chloe Avery is survived by her partner James, her son Josh, her brother Henry, her parents and numerous friends that she loved.

Many of those friends shared memories of the late producer on her brother’s post who described her as kind, loyal, thoughtful, intelligent & always positive. “Don’t think I ever saw her without a smile on her face,” one friend wrote.

Chloe Avery, longtime culinary producer for The Great British Bake Off
photo via Facebook

Chloe Avery was a vital part of the success of The Great British Bake Off as its longtime culinary producer.

She also worked in the same role for some of the show’s spinoffs, including The Great American Baking Show. As culinary producer, her role was to determine the Signature and Showstopper challenges for each episode, as well as make sure that each baker had the ingredients and supplies needed for their bakes. Chloe’s attention to detail and desire to see the bakers succeed likely went unnoticed by viewers, but rest assured that The Great British Baking Show wouldn’t have been the phenomenon that it was without the magical touch of Chloe Avery.

16 thoughts on “Beloved Culinary Producer Of “The Great British Baking Show” Has Died

  1. So sorry to hear of Chloe Avery’s passing. The Great British Baking Show is one of my favorites, and such an inspiration to me. Sending love and hugs to Chloe’s family.

  2. I just happened to meet Chloe for the first time watching Stanley Tucci Serching fir Utaly. I so enjoyed her personality and willingness to bring back the old recipes of Sardinia. Such a great loss to her family and baby boy Josh. With deep sympathy to the family. May God be with you and heal you in your devastating loss.

    1. Me too, just a few minutes ago at the end of the Sardinia episode. Her name and the years of her life were shown so I did a Google search. Very sad.

      1. I also just saw the tribute to Chloë Avery at the end of the new CNN ‘Searching for Italy’ with Stanley Tucci Sardinia episode. So very sad. Her talent, attention to detail and hard work were surely major factors in making ‘The Great British Bake Off’ the great success it has become. My sincere condolences to Chloë’s family.

  3. Long time fan of the show & was made possible by such a talented, beautiful & resourceful lady. Heartfelt condolences & prayers for her loved ones

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