Who Will Win The Great British Bake Off 2022?

Can the The Great British Bake Off 2022 winner be determined by the cast photo?

Did you know there is a whole community out there that lives for reality tv spoilers? Fans of the Great British Bake Off (Baking Show in the U.S.) are no different. There are many who think that production strategically places the Great British Bake Off winner in photos as a tease. If that’s true, then we may be able to predict who wins The Great British Bake Off in 2022.

In years past, reality tv shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race were thought to tease the potential winner. Producers were suspected of doing it with photo placement, placement in opening credits, and more.

This left us wondering if GBBO producers could do the same. We dug up cast photos from years past and noted the placement of the winners. We were surprised to find that the photos do seem to show a pattern.

Great British Bake Off winner reveal…intentional or accidental?

The research makes for some fun speculation regarding who may win the 2022 season of the Bake Off. It’s worth noting, cast photos are thought to be taken prior to filming or following the first set of challenges. If this is the case, winner placement in the photos would be purely coincidental…or providential, however you might see it.

REMINDER…the info below is just speculation and only for fun. We don’t know who wins any more than you do!

Season 1

Series 1 winner Edd Kimber was photographed to the far right in the cast photo.

Season 2

Series 2 winner Joanne Wheatley to the far right.

Season 3

On the right, Series 3 winner John Whaite.

Season 4

Frances Quinn, winner of Series 4 in the back, on the left.

Season 5

Series 5 winner Nancy Birtwhistle, back middle

Season 6

Nadiya Hussein, Series 6 winner, back right

Season 7

Series 7 winner Candice Brown in the center

Season 8

Sophie Faldo, Series 8 winner at back middle

Season 9

Rahul Mandal, Series 9 winner, front and center

Season 10

David Atherton, Series 10 champ on the far left

Season 11

Peter Sawkins, winner of Series 11 on the far right

Season 12

Giuseppe Dell’Anno, Series 12 winner, in the middle

Take notice that half of the previous winners landed in the middle of their cast photos. 4 out of 12 were placed on the right, and 2 were on the left.

If we were playing odds, that would lead us to believe that the Series 13 winner has a high likelihood of being in the center of the photo first released to introduce the bakers.

By process of elimination (and odds), that narrows it down to Sandro, Maxy and Carole.

Another cast photo also shows Sandro and Maxy smack dab in the middle of the photo.

So, can the the winner of Great British Bake Off 2022 be spoiled by a pic?

Time will tell. Based on bios of Sandro and Maxy, these two are definitely bakers to watch. They’re cool as cucumbers with baking skills to match.

Our official winner prediction is….Sandro! At the very least the 30-year-old nanny from London will make the finals. If he can handle a bunch of kids, he sure as heck can handle the pressure of the tent.

Meet the full cast of Series 13 HERE. What are your Great British Bake Off Series 13 predictions?

British viewers can watch the new season of Bake Off starting Tuesday, September 13, on Channel 4. U.S. fans must wait until Friday, September 16. They can tune in to Netflix to see the tent drama unfold.

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