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Go Behind The Scenes Of Joanna Gaines’ New Silos Baking Competition

3 months after the first episode of the Silos Baking Competition shattered records, Joanna Gaines and her team are back.

On Monday (Sept. 26) cameras started rolling at the barn located at The Silos in Waco, Texas, for a holiday-inspired baking competition. While the name of the holiday show is unknown, we do know that it’s all about Christmas cookies.

Five bakers traveled to Waco, along with their tried and true holiday cookie recipes, in hopes of winning $10,000.

Filming started on a 6-part Silos Baking Competition series two days later.

Visit Magnolia put out a post inviting fans to be in attendance for the taping of the shows. They also shared a schedule that showed filming dates of September 28th and 30th, as well as October 3rd, 5th, 7th and 10th.

Silos Baking Competition filming schedule for fall 2022

The 6-episode series is thought to be a spring-inspired bake-off. The winner of each episode will earn a place at the finale. There they will compete for a whopping $100,000 and a spot for their bake on the Silos Baking Co. menu.

Unlike most competition shows, fans in attendance, and even the network behind, are posting photos and videos of the contest. It appears that there is no concern about secrecy concerning the process, the hosts or the cast. (Can we get a behind-the-scenes for The Great British Baking Show please!)

What we know about the Silos Baking Competition.

  1. Joanna Gaines acts as judge on each episode. Pastry chef Zoe Francois, chef and restauranteur Andrew Zimmern, chef Casey Corn, and Magnolia food team member Becky Shepherd have each taken turns at the judges’ desk.
Joanna Gaines, Andrew Zimmern and Becky Shepherd judging the Silos Baking Competition
Monina Escalda/Facebook

2. It took two months for the crew to convert the barn into a set, per Magnolia’s guest experience manager, Jordy. The space features commercial appliances, five kitchens fully stocked with Magnolia branded equipment and tools, and a large pantry.

3. Unlike June’s premiere episode that had six bakers competing, the new episodes only have five. The bakers have two hours to complete their bake, which allows enough time to remake the dish, if necessary.

4. It takes a crew of approximately 50 people to make an episode of the Silos Baking Competition. That number includes judges, the culinary team, producers, and film crews.

Fans on Instagram got a behind-the-scenes tour of the set.

On September 30, Jordy took a camera into the converted barn to give fans a close-up look. He also went backstage for a peek at the magnitude of this show’s production. After seeing the footage shared by the team, there’s no doubt that Joanna Gaines and the crew are seasoned pros.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video….

Take a peek at cast snapshots for the new Silos Baking Competition shows.

Silos Baking Competition Christmas cookie show cast and judges
Amber Russell/Facebook
Silos Baking Competition series judges and cast
Silos Baking Competition series cast filming intro
Debbie Goodrum/Facebook

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